Sergeant – Gunner/Navigator

Nov 1940 Tobago

[Source: CMHA]

LYNCH – Lincoln

Sgt LO Lynch from Jamaica, winner of the Air Gunner’s Trophy for 1944 standing by the rear gun turret of a Lancaster bomber, his right hand resting on the barrel of one of the four machine guns. The Lancaster had three gun turrets, used to defend the aircraft against enemy fighters during long-range bombing raids. [Source: – Imperial War Museum (IWM) Reference: CH12263]

605520 (605500?) – L.O. Lynch – Jamaica – Sgt. Air Gunner UK 4.5.43
148235 – P/O – DFM 5.9.44 – commissioned 17.6.44

[Source: NA AIR 2/6876]

Sergeant – DFM – based in Yorkshire
[Source: CMHA]
Lincoln Lynch was stationed at Pocklington and billeted with a family in a village outside York. They all featured on a BBC TV programme two or 3 years ago (around 2005) called “We’ll Meet Again”. The three daughters of this family (who had been children at the time) wanted to be reunited with Lincoln. He was brought over here and they all met up on the programme which featured Vera Lynn.

[Source: AE; photograph courtesy Mrs. A. Dewjee]

ROSTANT – Keith J.K.

Flight Lieutenant – Pilot – 145 Sqn – Spitfire – POW

Volunteer Trinidad ETS, trained Piarco, 2nd Course Posted 145 sqn, Africa, flew as wingman to Sqn Ldr Ian Glead 1942/43. Shot down 1943, Cape Bone Africa. POW to end of war. Lives in Scotland. Son is in RN

[Source: CMHA]
ATS, Piarco, Trinidad. 2nd Course – Standing: F.W. Farfan, K. Rostant, T.H. Meyer – Sitting: I. Bourne, R. Williams (instructor), Lieut. J.F. Carroll (chief instructor), W. Brown (ground engineer), J.D. Lenagan/Lennigan? (senior cadet) [Source: CMHA]

RIVERO – Vivian A.

Flying Officer – Rear Gunner – 91 Group, 47 Sqn – Lancaster

Served 43-1948. Air Ministry Logistics. Lives in England

[Source: CMHA]

Passed away in 2012 in Sussex, UK.

[Source: Levi Dexter, son of Mr. Rivero]



A group of colored RAF-officers. Front row, from left: [1] unknown, from Jamaica or Belize; [2] Dusty Miller, from Guyana; [3] S/L Corbett (liason); [4] Ulric Cross, from Trinidad; [5] Johnny Smythe, from Sierra Leone; [6] Vivian Rivero, from Trinidad; (previously erroneously identified as: Mark Walker, from Trinidad);
Second row from left: [1] E.A. Gordon from Jamaica; [4] Percy Massiah, from Trinidad; [5] possibly his brother C.A. Massiah from Trinidad; [6] Vivian Thomas from Manchester, Jamaica; [7] Jellicoe Scoon from Grenada. Third row from left: [1] E.R Braithwaite from Guyana? The rest are as yet unknown to us. We invite our visitors to share the names of any person they recognise. [Names courtesy P.L.U. Cross a.o.; Photograph courtesy Audrey Elcombe, copyright unknown - click to enlarge]  


Flight Lieutenant – Pilot

Educated QRC, PO to FO Jan 43.

[Source: CMHA]

REYES – Claude

Flight Crew

[Source: CMHA]

RECILE – Winston Hugh E.A.

1399187 – W.E.A. Recile – Trinidad – Ach/P. – attested 19.11.41

[Source: NA AIR 2/6876 - Nominal Roll of Coloured Candidates, October 1944]

Flight Lieutenant – Pilot – Tempest – D Day

[Source: CMHA, CG]

Mentioned by Ulric Cross

P/O W.E. Recile from Trinidad and Tobago flew Spitfires with 64 and 1 Squadrons in 1944/45


RAY – Charles


[Source: CMHA]


Flight Sergeant – Oct 1944, Bombers

[Source: CMHA]

605665 – J.A. Ramsaran – Trinidad – attested 5.9.43 – Sgt. A/B UK 29.8.44

[Source: NA AIR 2/6876]

[Photograph: CMHA]

PITTS – Jim W.

Pilot Officer – Pilot – 114 Sqn – Boston B2373 – WIA

Volunteer Trinidad ETS, trained Piarco, 3rd Course. Further training UK Peterborough, posted 114 sqn, Marcianise Italy, Bostons; Crashed on take off at 2353 hrs on 15 May 1944. 1 member of crew was killed other three were severely injured. Pitts was one of the “guinea pig” club for plastic surgery.

[Source: CMHA]

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