CARBY – Carl Colin

2218587 – Flight Sergeant – Wireless Operator – 50th Squadron

Carl Colin Carby, joined RAF (#2218587 became Flight Sgt./ Wireless Operator Air) date of attestation 22/7/43 date of reporting for duty 9/8/43.  He was recruited by Sir John Hoggins in Jamaica April ‘43 sent to Monckton New Brunswick via New York waiting shipment to UK, in New Brunswick, then to Halifax and then by ship to UK. group of only 12. Arrived in Scotland and sent to Bridgnorth RAF receiving centre then sent to Madeley, Herefordshire for training.

Next went to Dumfresha, Scotland operational training unit, then Abingdon Oxfordshire, operational training unit then to Waddington to 50th squadron.

Enlisted 22 Jul 43, temporarily released 5 Sep 47 (for accountancy course special arrangement with the Colonial Office)

Recalled 21 Sept ‘49. Discharged 20 Jan 50.

[Source: Hazel Carby]

INNISS – Aubrey

Wing Commander, Aubrey Inniss, DFC, wartime fighter ace, was born in Barbados on November 21, 1916. He joined the RAF in January 1939 on a service commission and by September when war broke out he had been trained and was posted to 236 Squadron, flying the Blenheim 4Fs on anti-shipping duties. On September 23, 1940 Inniss had his first kill when he shot down a Heinkel He 111. In 1941 he was posted to the 248 Squadron, flying the Beaufighter which was a powerful and much faster aircraft with four 20mm cannon and six machine guns. Patrolling from St. Eval in Cornwall to as far as the Bay of Biscay, he was able to shoot down two Ju 88s in January and March 1943. In July of the same year he was awarded his DFC having added another victim to his tally. He was later promoted to Wing Commander and ended the war with seven (7) kills. Aubrey Inniss retired from the RAF in 1958 and along with his wife Ruth, ran a fishing pub at Sheepwash, North Devon. After his wife‘s death in 1975, he spent most of his time in Barbados and died there on January 30th, 2003 at the age of 86.

[Source: Barbados Postal Service]

In 2008 the Barbados Postal Service issued a set of stamps commemorating their men who served in the Royal Air Force in WW2, Aubrey Inniss is portrayed on the one to the right. More »


Flight Engineer latter part ww2. [rank unknown]

Born 1925. Qualified as a Barrister after war; poet (The Mystic Rose, Magpie Press 1969), painter and film script-writer.
[Source: CG]