GRANNUM – Patrick Colin Haworth

Patrick Colin Haworth Grannum (born Eisner but adopted by his aunt and uncle). From Jamaica, crashed his Hurricane in France and made his way back to England

[Source: Guy Grannum]

Came down in Belgium and escaped through the Comète escape network; see remark below.
Official site Escape Line Comète
More about Escape Line Comète: according to the file here Flight Lieutenant Grannum crashed while flying a Lancaster bomber:

Colin Patrick Haworth GRANNUM / 155216 & 655315
Freemason Lodge, 26 Arnold Road, Kingston, Jamaica
Bron 19 september 1918 in Kingston, Jamaica
F/Lt RAF Bomber Command 12 Squadron, pilot
near Banneux, Province of Liège, Belgium.
A.V. Roe Lancaster MkIII, JB650, PH-E, lost during mission of 27-29 January 1944 to Berlin
Crashed between Gomzé and Andoumont, approximately 13 km Southwest of Verviers, Province of Liège, Belgium.
Duration : 7 months.
Arrived in Switserland May 9th, repatriated to England at the end of August 1944.

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  1. SCHYNS Maurice adds:

    Colin Patrick Haworth GRANNUM. Son avion s’est écrasé à Gomzé-Andoumont (Belgique) la nuit du 27-28 janvier 1944. Il a trouvé refuge dans la ferme de Mr Alfred FAFCHAMPS à Louveigné. Il y est resté plusieurs jours avant d’être pris en charge par le réseau d’évasion comète.

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