Edward Ricardo Braithwaite, writer, teacher and diplomat, born 27 June 1912; died 12 December 2016.

[Source: the Guardian, obituary]

RAF Pilot from Guyana

[Source: Wikipedia]

E. R. Braithwaite, the author of “To Sir With with Love” (a book remembered for its film and theme song) was a pilot with the RAF


A group of colored RAF-officers. Front row, from left: [1] unknown, from Jamaica or Belize; [2] Dusty Miller, from Guyana; [3] S/L Corbett (liason); [4] Ulric Cross, from Trinidad; [5] Johnny Smythe, from Sierra Leone; [6] Vivian Romero, from Trinidad; (previously erroneously identified as: Mark Walker, from Trinidad);
Second row from left: [1] E.A. Gordon from Jamaica; [4] Percy Messiah, from Trinidad; [5] possibly his brother C.A. Messiah from Trinidad; [6] Vivian Thomas from Manchester, Jamaica; [7] Jellicoe Scoon from Grenada. Third row from left: [1] E.R Braithwaite from Guyana? The rest are as yet unknown to us. We invite our visitors to share the names of any person they recognise. [Names courtesy P.L.U. Cross a.o.; Photograph courtesy Audrey Elcombe, copyright unknown - click to enlarge]  

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  1. Albert Applewhaite adds:

    Albert Applewhaite from Guyana was in the west indian RAF

  2. gillian hill adds:

    Jellicoe Scoon was my grandad and he was from Grenada

  3. Darrell adds:

    With the passing of E.R. Braithwaite this picture may get more attention. It would be good to add it to the Wikipedia article on Mr. Braithwaite. Are you sure he is correctly identified? It appears he is wearing a noncommissioned officer’s uniform, not a pilot’s?

  4. Mr J G Burgoyne adds:

    In my view ER Braithwaite is second from the left in the front row. This is not to disrepect Dusty Miller; I compared ERB‘s Obit photo from the Times (15 Dec 2016, with different DOB). The 3rd row person has different cheekbones. Does anyone have ERB‘s war service record? JGB

  5. James adds:

    Many RAF pilots were NCOs, not officers, in the Second World War. Is there any evidence that Braithwaite was commissioned? Miller, on the other hand, was definitely commissioned.

  6. Levi Dexter adds:

    one of the men is Vivian Rivero . front row very right. is my father.

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