F/O – FIghter pilot – 65 squadron – June 1941-July 1946 (Spitfires, Mustangs) – 1 Me-109 destroyed

also served at no1 bomer command looking after west-indies members of 17 bomber stations.after he left 65 sq.

born dec 3/1920, Constant rd Kingston, Jamaica – attended Jamaica and Munro colleges. Now I live in Puerto Rico

[Source: Hugh Robison, 2011]

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  1. Sara adds:

    I’d love to make contact with Hugh Robison about 65 Squadron’s Jimmy Muir, Corran Ashworth, Jock Taylor, etc.

  2. Dale Mahfood adds:

    I am writing a novel that is set in Jamaica during WWII. One of the characters has a father who has left Jamaica to enlisted in the RAF. I would love to communicate with Mr. Robinson about how a Jamaican would have done that. If he can, please have him email me at Thanks.

  3. Michel Beckers adds:

    I,m doing research after a Mustang MkIII which lost on November 16th 1944. F/o. Hugh Robison was the pilot, he failed to return but later got back.
    Qeustion: where was he shot down ? became he first POW and escape ??

    If you can help


    Thanks in advance

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