PEREIRA – Charles Vernon

Flight Lieutenant – Pilot – 139 Sqn, 105 Sqn – Mosquito – Born 1913

[Source: CMHA]

My dad was on the Jena Raid and his faithful “N for Nuts” lost an engine just before the target. He also witnessed the two aircraft to his side collide and roll down the hillside in a ball of flames. The BBC made a recording of that raid and broadcast it on “Target for tonight”.
He returned safely (460 miles) on one engine at low level in spite of a narrow escape flying slap over a German airfield with FW 190s in the circuit; for some reason they did not intercept him (his mother’s constant prayers no doubt)!
The previous Operation was a high level night attack on Berlin which according to his log book was “a good trip”.
Jena was his last Op’ with 139 and he was posted to 105 Squadron with the Assessment of Ability as a pilot as “Exceptional”.
I know that the RAF did not give that assessment easily.

Brother of Roderick Neville Pereira.

[Source: Peter Pereira]









C. Vernon Pereira and his navigator “Taffy” G.H. Gilbert of Cardiff, before the raid on Jena and afterwards getting out of the aircraft.

[Photo's copyright Imperial War Museum]


Letter GH Gilbert aka Taffy 1

Letter GH Gilbert aka Taffy 2













Letter by G.H. Gilbert a.k.a. ‘Taffy’, Mr. Pereira’s navigator, describing his time with the RAF during WW2. More details about this letter in the 3rd comment below. (Click on images to enlarge)

[Courtesy Mr. Richard Batley]

OXLEY – Edmund J.

Flight Lieutenant – DFC

[Source: CMHA]

MURRAY – Francis Neville

Squadron Leader – RCAF – Pilot – 427 Sqn – Lancaster

[Source: CMHA]

LYDER – Garth

Squadron Leader – Pilot – 180 Sqn TAF – B25 – POW

Educated QRC, Volunteer UK 1939, training in UK, Canada then bahamas. OTU for B25′s; posted Flight Instructor then 180 Sqn. On the raid, the formation leader turned the wrong way and led the squadron over a flak position. The leader was immediately shot down. Lyder then took over the lead position but his a/c was hit almost immediately and disabled. One parachute was blown out of the a/c; so Lyder elected to crash land his aircraft. Was POW for rest of the war.

[Source: CMHA]


Flight Lieutenant – Pilot – DFC

Educated at QRC; Volunteer Trinidad ETS, Trained at Piarco. Awarded DFC. In 1946 flying at Piarco with John Carrington using NE Runway ran into a wire badly injured. Flying accident (Auster) with H McCartney at Camden. McCartney killed. Emigrated to Australia. Died 1980

[Source: CMHA]

ATS, Piarco, Trinidad. 2nd Course – Standing: F.W. Farfan, K. Rostant, T.H. Meyer – Sitting: I. Bourne, R. Williams (instructor), Lieut. J.F. Carroll (chief instructor), W. Brown (ground engineer), J.D. Lenagan/Lennigan? (senior cadet) [Source: CMHA]

HAMEL-SMITH – Anthony H.

Flight Lieutenant – Navigator – 100 Group, 429 Sqn, 608 Sqn – Halifax, Whitley, Mosquito – born 1920

Enlisted Dec 1941; 4th son of Michael Hamel-Smith; Awarded DFC 1944; completed 1 tour with 429 Sqn – Halifax; 1 tour training Navigators on Whitley; post war 1 tour with 608 Sqn Mosquitoes. Bailed out of a Mosquito after engine fire. Forgot to disconnect radio cables, which caught on parachute lines, nearly choking him. Enjoyed parachute descent so much paid little attention to where he was landing, when he saw a church, managed to turn and hit a pub, where he lay unconcious in the snow until carried inside where he recovered. Bases No 608 Sqn Downham Mailet/Thornaby

[Source: CMHA]

This photo was taken during the weekly dance at RAF Leeming Bar in either late 1943 or early 1944. Tony Hamel-Smith is the officer on the right of the photograph with the distinct black moustache.

The picture features all the members of the crew of Halifax, V for Victor it bar the pilot (Ralph Hunt, DFC): Tony Hamel-Smith (navigator), Bob Grenfell (wireless operator), Danny McCaffrey (rear gunner), ‘Titch’ Nelson (Canadian bomb aimer), Joe Dawson (flight engineer), Alf Hunt (mid upper gunner).

The small dark lady standing at the front left with a cigarette in her hand is the later Mrs. Grenfell. Next to her Danny McCaffrey, the rear gunner. Bob Grenfell is standing behind them.

Ensign of the Royal Canadian Air Force

Badge of 429 (Bison) Squadron RCAF

Distinguished Flying Cross

The Handley Page Halifax heavy bomber

[Pictures courtesy Stephen Grenfell]

42 Sqn Research Site

GORDON – William G.

Major – AAC – Pilot – Auster – Born 1914

Born POS 1914, educated at Eton. Agriculturist. Joined TA 1939; qualified as an Army observation Pilot. Served Italy/Med. Awarded DFC

[Source: CMHA]

FARFAN – Esmond

Flight Lieutenant – Pilot – 12 Sqn, 1 Group – Lancaster

ATS 6th Class, Piarco; Base Wickenby, 30 missions; DFC

[Source: CMHA]


John Carrington

Squadron Leader – Pilot – 200, 223, 23 Sqns – Hudson/Liberator

Born 1920; educated QRC; son of John R carrington, Dentist; enlisted from Cambridge 1939; 3 tours; 1st tour: Coastal Command; Hudson; West africa 200 Sqn; 2nd Tour: Coastal Command – Liberator B24 223 Sqn; 3rd Tour: Bomber Command Liberator 100 Group 23 Sqn. Awarded DFC for sinking U Boat. Over 90 missions

[Source: CMHA]

MacDOUGAL – Ian Neil

Flight Lieutenant – DFC

Decorated for ‘much valuable work in Middle East’

Born: Guyana, 1920

[Source: TDA]

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