De SILVA – Desmond Michael

R/95750 – Desmond Michael De Silva – W/O – 218 Squadron – KIA 24/08/1943

[Sources: CWGC and RCAF Casualty List 0918 and Chorley’s; courtesy Alieneyes]

W/O De Silva DFM shows up with parents in Flushing, NY. RCAF Casualty List 0918, however, shows W/O Desmond Michael De Silva DFM as being from Georgetown, British Guiana.

CWGC says 218 Squadron but Chorleys has him lost as a rear gunner on a Stirling from No. 623 Squadron. Both list him as an American from Flushing Meadows, NY City.

RCAF Casualty List 0918 and Chorley’s


1377112 – P/O V.B. Hazell – Jamaica – attested 29.8.40 – Flight/Mech. (‘Jet Eng’?) – commissioned 9.6.44 – DFM

[Source: NA AIR 2/6876 - Nominal Roll of Coloured Candidates, October 1944]

Inscription on the back: To Syd form Viv, Kingston Jamaica, British West Indies 30/4/45
[Photograph courtesy Max Dyson, son of Syd Dyson]

HYNAM – Winston Kitchener (Pony)

Winston Kitchener Hynam, 103 Squadron, was awarded the DFM in November 1942 while Sergeant. He was described as an impurturbable and reliable NCO who has served as Wireless Operator/Front Gunner, and Bomb Aimer.

In December 1943, now Pilot Officer with 100 Squadron, he was awarded the DFC.

Possibly his RAF numbers: 1283669 when Sergeant and 155808 when Pilot Officer (promoted September 1943?) .

He is the only West Indian to hold both the DFM and DFC.

Used to be Warden of West Indian Students Centre in Earls Court in 1980.

[Source: AE]

Military History of Barbados 1627-2007 by Major Hartland

LYNCH – Lincoln

Sgt LO Lynch from Jamaica, winner of the Air Gunner’s Trophy for 1944 standing by the rear gun turret of a Lancaster bomber, his right hand resting on the barrel of one of the four machine guns. The Lancaster had three gun turrets, used to defend the aircraft against enemy fighters during long-range bombing raids. [Source: – Imperial War Museum (IWM) Reference: CH12263]

605520 (605500?) – L.O. Lynch – Jamaica – Sgt. Air Gunner UK 4.5.43
148235 – P/O – DFM 5.9.44 – commissioned 17.6.44

[Source: NA AIR 2/6876]

Sergeant – DFM – based in Yorkshire
[Source: CMHA]
Lincoln Lynch was stationed at Pocklington and billeted with a family in a village outside York. They all featured on a BBC TV programme two or 3 years ago (around 2005) called “We’ll Meet Again”. The three daughters of this family (who had been children at the time) wanted to be reunited with Lincoln. He was brought over here and they all met up on the programme which featured Vera Lynn.

[Source: AE; photograph courtesy Mrs. A. Dewjee]

SYLVESTER – Oscar Owen

Sergeant/Warrant Officer – Pilot – 15 sqn – Lancaster – DFM

ATS; 33 Missions, awarded DFM. Post war RAF Wyton, Lincoln B2

[Source: CG, CMHA]