LYNCH – Lincoln

Sgt LO Lynch from Jamaica, winner of the Air Gunner’s Trophy for 1944 standing by the rear gun turret of a Lancaster bomber, his right hand resting on the barrel of one of the four machine guns. The Lancaster had three gun turrets, used to defend the aircraft against enemy fighters during long-range bombing raids. [Source: – Imperial War Museum (IWM) Reference: CH12263]605520 (605500?) – L.O. Lynch – Jamaica – Sgt. Air Gunner UK 4.5.43
148235 – P/O – DFM 5.9.44 – commissioned 17.6.44[Source: NA AIR 2/6876]
Sergeant – DFM – based in Yorkshire
[Source: CMHA]
Lincoln Lynch was stationed at Pocklington and billeted with a family in a village outside York. They all featured on a BBC TV programme two or 3 years ago (around 2005) called “We’ll Meet Again”. The three daughters of this family (who had been children at the time) wanted to be reunited with Lincoln. He was brought over here and they all met up on the programme which featured Vera Lynn.[Source: AE; photograph courtesy Mrs. A. Dewjee]

Read more about Lincoln Lynch – and especially his involvement in the US Civil Rights movement from the Johnson-era onwards – on his Wikipedia-page here.

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