ALSTON – Michael R.

109949 – Flying Officer (September 1943) – Pilot – Son of Lt.Col Roy Alston – Killed 7 May 1956 flying Canberra Wt328 at AAEE Boscombe Down

[Source: CMHA]

74 Squadron – flew Spitfires, Mustangs and finished the war in Burma

[Source: Robert Alston]

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  1. ROBERT ALSTON adds:

    Sqn Ldr M R Alston was my uncle. He attended Rugby School in England in the 1930’s and then went to Clare College, Cambridge to study Engineering. At Cambridge he was a member of the University Air Squadron and learned to fly Tiger Moths. He graduated in 1941 and then joined the RAF and completed his flying training as afighter pilot. He was at one time on 74 Squadron and flew Spitfires, Mustangs and finished the war in Burma.

    After the war he flew Meteor jets and in 1948 attended No. 7 Course at the Empire Test Pilots School at Farnborough. He remained at test pilot initially at Farnborough and then at Boscombe Down and was serving with B Sqn there when he was killed in May 1956 flying the second prototype Canberra B(I)8. He was aged 36 and unmarried.

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