Pilot – AC2 June 1942 – Educated QRC – Fighter pilot

[Source: CMHA]


Reported in the Lincolnshire Echo – Wednesday 17 December 1941, p.3.
From Trinidad
A PARTY of eight R.A.F. recruits have just arrived in London from Trinidad to complete their training. They have done their initial and elementary flying training at home under the Trinidad Air Training Scheme, which has already supplied the R.A.F. with several batches of partly-trained men. Although the eight newcomers plunged straight out of the warmth and sunshine of Port of Spain into the depth of an English winter they express themselves as delighted to be here, another step on the road to wings. They are surprised to find much of Londonstill standing, and gratified at the hospitality and friendship they have received. One of the first people to welcome them was Lord Moyne, Secretary of State for the Colonies. They were enabled to send personal messages home through the B.B.C. This means of telling their families of their safe arrival was greatly appreciated. Reception of the West Indies programme is very good, they state. The programme is regarded locally as an invaluable link with the many men from the Colony who are serving in the Forces here… [One] man is of Rajput origin. He is Ram Bahadoor Singh, formerly of the “Trinidad Guardian,” and brother of the ex-President of the Oxford Union.

[Courtesy Audrey  Dewjee]

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