FARFAN – Esmond Knox

1800007 – Flight Lieutenant – Pilot – 12 Sqn, 1 Group – Lancaster

ATS 6th Class, Piarco; Base Wickenby, 30 missions; DFC

[Source: CMHA/AD]

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  1. Jerome Lee adds:

    30 Missions; awarded DFC

  2. Brian Camacho adds:

    Esmond who is now 88 has just published (in Trinidad) a fine book entitled “Five years in World War II”.
    It is based on his diaries and logbooks and describes his experiences during the war.
    many of the Trinidad volunteers are mentioned and their exploits and many photos add to the pleasure of the read.
    Incidentally the book is 540 pages and costs TT$395- I recommend it for any Caribbean War historian.

  3. William Alexander adds:

    As a Canadian I recognized this book also brings to light the many contributions and brotherhood that excisted between all airmen. Many of Farfan’s squadron mates and even crew, were Canadian. This book is also a worthwhile read for Canadian war historians.

  4. Catherine Farfan adds:

    If anyone’s interested in my grandfather’s book, may I suggest you visit its website at http://www.5yearsinworldwar2.com? It has a page with a short biography of the man too!

  5. jennifer hamblin adds:

    I’m so glad he finished the book. He was a close friend of our family. We miss him greatly. At least I do. My father use to drive him to church on Sunday and made sure he had a home cooked meal when flying to Canada.

  6. brian poole adds:

    I would love to see a copy of the book, my father who passed away a few years ago was the Vic Poole who flew with him in 12 squadron during ww2 and who contributed to Esmond’s memoires

  7. Chris Long adds:

    I know I’m late to this but…

    Uncle Esmond was such a great guy! He used to let me rice his old Honda 75 motorbike around Haleland Park before I eventually moved back to the US.

    I loved seeing the picture of his Lanc. hanging on the walls in his living room!

    I have to find a copy of the book!


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