PETGRAVE – Godfrey Oswald Leopald

1897759 – Godfrey Oswald Leopald Petgrave – Nigeria/Caribbean – enlisted Euston 1943

The son of a Jamaican father and an Antiguan mother, Godfrey Petgrave enlisted in the RAF in Lagos as his father was working in Nigeria at the  time.

[Source: Audrey Dewjee, West-Indian Aircrew in East Yorkshire during WW2, the Africans in Yorkshire Project]

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    Good morning,
    I am currently writing a paper on the dedication of Jamaican soldiers to the service of the British nation during wartime. Would you tell me if and how I might obtain the right to use the images on your website for a non-profit publication?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Frederic Lefrancois
    Research Fellow at the University of the French West Indies

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