KELSHALL – John Brian

Squadron Leader – RCAF – Pilot

Educated CIC, Volunteered in Canada July 1941. Flight Instructor and Staff Pilot RCAF Baird Rivers, Manitoba. Died April 1991

[Source: CMHA]

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  1. Donald Kelshall adds:

    John Bryan Kelshall; (Jack);
    Squadron Leader, RCAF;
    Navigation Instructor, Rivers, Manitoba;
    Special Appointment – Political War Briefings for Pilots Posting to Operational Units – Active Service Units;
    Not Posted Overseas and did not see action;
    Returned to Trinidad 1945/6;
    Solicitor – T.M. Kelshall & Son, 9A Harris Promenade, San Fernando Trinidad;

    Posted by Donald Kelshall, Son.

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