KELSHALL – Philip Walter Meade

25139 – Flight Lieutenant – Pilot – 169 Sqn, 29 Sqn – Mosquito

Educated QRC; Trained at Piarco 60hrs Tiger Moths; RAuxAF Avro Tutor/Avro Anson. Posted 169 Sqn , Mosquito’s, 34 operations with 100 Group. Posted 29 Sqn Mosquitoes, Night fighter. Digby/Lubeck. Died Oct 2006

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Kelshall Family0002

“A family group photo which includes my uncle, Arnold Sinclair Kelshall (on the right). My father, Philip Walter Kelshall is standing on the left. This photo would have been taken right after my father and uncle were demobilised, as I am the young lad in the photo, and I was born June 1944. Both my uncle Arnold and my dad were at Cambridge university studying law when the war broke out. They joined the Cambridge University Air Squadron initially. My dad went on to be an instructor at RAF Cranwell before joining the Mosquito squadron. My Dad stayed in aviation, he was a Captain at BWIA, in Trinidad, ended up as General Manager.” 

[Courtesy: Anthony Simon Kelshall]

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  1. Simon Kelshall adds:

    PWM Kelshall also served as instructor at RAF Cranwell, not sure exact dates

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