Flight Lieutenant – Pilot – DFC

Educated at QRC; Volunteer Trinidad ETS, Trained at Piarco. Awarded DFC. In 1946 flying at Piarco with John Carrington using NE Runway ran into a wire badly injured. Flying accident (Auster) with H McCartney at Camden. McCartney killed. Emigrated to Australia. Died 1980

[Source: CMHA]

ATS, Piarco, Trinidad. 2nd Course – Standing: F.W. Farfan, K. Rostant, T.H. Meyer – Sitting: I. Bourne, R. Williams (instructor), Lieut. J.F. Carroll (chief instructor), W. Brown (ground engineer), J.D. Lenagan/Lennigan? (senior cadet) [Source: CMHA]

One addition to “LENNIGAN – John D.”

  1. Jerome Lee adds:

    All local newspaper accounts on this Officer and West India Committee Circular spells name as LENAGAN

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