LYDER – Garth

Squadron Leader – Pilot – 180 Sqn TAF – B25 – POW

Educated QRC, Volunteer UK 1939, training in UK, Canada then bahamas. OTU for B25’s; posted Flight Instructor then 180 Sqn. On the raid, the formation leader turned the wrong way and led the squadron over a flak position. The leader was immediately shot down. Lyder then took over the lead position but his a/c was hit almost immediately and disabled. One parachute was blown out of the a/c; so Lyder elected to crash land his aircraft. Was POW for rest of the war.

[Source: CMHA]

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  1. Jerome Lee adds:

    Awarded DFC – source 1949 Franklin Yearbook

  2. IAN LAMB adds:

    my name is ian lamb from Australia

    my father reginald lamb RAF (WOAG) and my mates father Cyril Alom RAAF (OBSERVER) both flew in b25s for 180 squadn
    on the 14/6/1944 in aircraft “x” with a p/o lyder as the pilot as a crew together on a mission to
    as stated in dads log book “night ops . conde sur vire to drop flares .this is confirmed by the sqdn ORBs for that date
    does garth have any serviving family as I would love to get in contact with them at

    cheers ian

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