MURRAY – Francis Neville

Squadron Leader – RCAF – Pilot – 427 Sqn – Lancaster

[Source: CMHA]

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  1. W. Aust adds:

    Decorated with the Destinguished Flying Cross by King George for twice returning to base with his crew and bomber which was heavily damaged.
    A fine fellow, husband and father of five.

  2. W. Aust adds:

    Correct name Francis Neville Murray

  3. W. Aust adds:

    Halifax bomber pilot.

  4. W. Aust adds:

    For Neville, name he went by, it should read “twice returning to base with the bombers being heavily damaged, saving the crew”

    Decorated by King George VI with the D.F.C.

  5. W. Aust adds:

    Geoffrey C. Murray went on to become chief pilot of Texaco post war. Older brother of Francis Neville Murray D.F.C.

    This is to be added to the information of Geoffrey Cecil Murray.

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