NORTON – Noel P.

Sergeant – Bomb aimer – 7 Sqn – Lancaster

[Source: CMHA]

605568 – N.P. Norton – Trinidad – attested 7.4.43 – Sgt. A/B UK 16.6.44

[Source: NA AIR 2/6876]

More details about his life and post-war career in comment below.

Noel RAF











MEN of 7 SQD Per adua ad alt_














Men of 7 Squadron (Noel Norton is second row, second from right)

morf Lanks1


















NOEL 1944 copy Edit01

















Noel Norton in 1944

Relaxing w art













Noel relaxing with art

 [All pictures courtesy Ms. Christine Norton, Trinidad: ‘he cherished these shots’]

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  1. Jerome Lee adds:

    “Photographer Noel Norton dies at age 85

    Trinidad & Tobago Newsday; Saturday, January 14 2012

    Renowned photographer, Dr Noel Patrick Norton, died peacefully at 9.35 pm on January 12 at West Shore Medical. He was 85.

    He was born in Port-of-Spain on December 20, 1927 and was the second of five children.

    Norton, who received an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the University of Trinidad and Tobago, was also the recipient of the Chaconia Medal Gold, in 1991 for his contribution to culture in TT.

    Norton, with his wife of 58 years, Mary (deceased, August 25, 2011 ), dedicated their lives to capturing the beauty and culture of Trinidad and Tobago and its people, through their lenses.

    Together they had owned Norton Studios and also operated from home a photographic library where they were working on profiling and archiving all their work.

    Norton was the creator of 50 years of records that covered a wide spectrum of subjects including nature, architecture, Carnival, religious festivals, advertising, weddings, and portraits.

    Norton was often selected by the government to photograph visiting dignitaries. They included Pope John Paul II, the late Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I, and Ringo Starr and John Lennon of the Beatles.

    The funeral of the late Noel Patrick Norton will be held next week on a date and time to be announced.”

    He was 15yrs 3mth 18days when he was attested into the RAF! and just 17yrs 5mths when the war ended

  2. Michael Peter Bynoe adds:

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