POWELL – Egbert Keith, ‘E.K.’

Wing Commander

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Egbert Keith Powell was in the RAF in the war in bomber command. He was 17. The Imperial War Museum has a recording he did in 1995 explaining his role.

or http://nigel.s3.amazonaws.com/EKWarTalk.mp3

Egbert Keith ‘EK’ Powell. Born 21/1-1925 Linstead, Jamaica.
Joined RAF in Januari 1943. Served as flight engineer with Transport Command, RAF and 47 Sqdn, RAF in GB, 1944-1945
Demobilized in 1948 with the rank of Pilot Officer.

Content description
REEL 1 Background in Jamaica, 1925-1943: father and grandfather’s military service; historical Jamaican military involvement; reasons for enlistment underage, 1/1943; reaction of mother to enlistment. Training with RAF in GB, 1943: basic training at RAF Cardington, 13/3/1943; re- mustering for aircrew training; flight engineer training at RAF Hereford; question of British moral question of treatment by civilians; story relating to civilian rationing; opinion of British. Recollection of operations with RAF Transport Command and 47 Sqdn, 1944-1945: role of flight engineer on a Lancaster bomber; story of illness on way to join bomber squadron at Great Dunmore, Essex and posting to Transport Command; story of being shot down over Arnhem in a Douglas Dakota; seventeen operations with 47 Sqdn flying Lancasters; aspects of an operation, including, reaction to operation beforehand; pilot’s role; take off and assembling; anti aircraft fire over coast; flight engineer’s role; role of rear gunner; in-flight conversations.
REEL 2 Continues: question of responsibility and training; bombing target and fatigue; story of being in a damaged Handley Page Halifax bomber, opinion of Lancaster’s characteristics; armament; question of personal morale. Background of return to full time education; question of effects of war; post war career and post of Minister for Public Utilities; question of age and responsibility during wartime service.

[Courtesy: Nigel Powell]

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