ASHMAN – Roy William

1394802 / 191605 – Roy William Ashman – Jamaica – Pilot Officer – 175 Sqn. – pilot – Died 27 February 1945, aged 23.  Buried in Hanover War Cemetery, Germany.

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From Jamaica, fighter pilot, friend of Billy Strachan.  Got all through the war and then one day was asked to fly a Typhoon from one airfield to another only five miles away.  The plane blew up in mid-air and he was killed.

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  1. Mark Johnson adds:

    Arthur Young flew with 106 Squadron, RAF.

    When his aircraft went down, all 7 crew were killed, as well as 2 civilians in the house they crashed into.

    There is a play about this tragedy ‘S for Sugar’ written by Pat & Roy Greenhalgh, as well as a book titled ‘The Salford Lancaster’ by Joe Bamford published by Pen and Sword Paperback.

    When the plane crashed it was carrying 9,000 ibs of bombs which had been intended for German positions in Normandy, France. However, the crew were ordered to abort the operation and return to base. Witnesses saw the plane descending and heard that it was in trouble from the engine noise. The explosion was heard 8 miles away.

  2. Billy Machado adds:

    The entry for what should have been for Ivan Ashman appears to have got split between him and this Ashman. So the entry for RW Roy Ashes Ashman should read that he was a flight sergeant with RAF Fighter command, flying Typhoon attacks with 175 Squadron and was killed on a mission over NW Germany on 25/2/45.
    My source is the book Typhoon Attack by Norman Franks p221 with details from another pilot who took off beside him on the same op. Very sad, because he was excused, didn’t have to go.

    Roy’s name heads the short list of old-boys killed , on the memorial plaque in the school chapel at Jamaica College.

  3. Billy Machado adds:

    Roy is buried at the Hanover War Cemetery in Germany.

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