Flight Engineer latter part ww2. [rank unknown]

Born 1925. Qualified as a Barrister after war; poet (The Mystic Rose, Magpie Press 1969), painter and film script-writer.
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  1. Maureen Dee-Hosein adds:

    Claude died peacefully on Friday 14th January (2011) at 7:00 a.m. He was my maternal uncle.

  2. Richard Johnstone adds:

    I was very sad to hear of Claude’s recent death. We were good friends in Hampstead in the late 60’s and early 70’s. We met in the Rosslyn pub & had a common link in Trinidad. I spent a very happy childhood there in Point-a Pierre, where my father worked as an engineer for Trinidad Leaseholds – where Claude also worked for a time. He remembered my father with his baggy shorts.
    When I moved to Brussels, Claude came over with a group of Rosslyn regulars to visit.
    With various moves I lost touch with Claude & would be very interested to find out about his later life.

    Wherever he is now I wish him well.

    With many happy memories – Richard Johnstone

  3. Dr Brian Lushington adds:

    Claude was my father and I spent the last days of his life talking to him about so many things, I miss him dearly. I had the priviledge of leading him to the Lord Jesus Christ and he ascepted Him as his Lord and Saviour. i will see him again in heaven. Love you father

  4. Colin Townsend adds:

    This is sad news. Such a delightful man. I too knew him from being a regular at the Rosslyn in the early 70’s and am the proud owner of a signed and inscribed copy of ‘The Mystic Rose’ which was laying on my desk and prompted me to search for his name.

  5. Andrea Flack adds:

    I am so glad to know at last about dear Claude. I have looked before but only found the ‘Mystic Rose’ reference. We met in the late 60’s in the Rosslyn and he was a very dear friend in some very dark times for me. I lost touch with him in the late 70’s when I think he returned to Trinidad. I also have a signed copy of Mystic Rose as well as a beautiful painting (I think it is pastels)that he did c 1967 in Paris, showing the view out of his window into the garden. He was a dear, sweet man who brought a wonderful peace to many friends – I am so glad that he was at peace at the end and know that we will meet again. Much love to his family in Trinidad.

  6. Wendy Beck adds:

    I knew Claude in 69- the early 70s and I’m sorry to hear of his passing. I was hoping to find something about him online so that I could be in touch again. I, too, met Claude at the Rosslyn Arms when I lived in Hampstead. He was sharing a flat with a fellow and before long, I moved in. He was a lovely man and I only wish the world were full of men like him. I, too, have my inscribed copy of the Mystic Rose.

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