BOURNE – Ian Desmond (Don)


Ian D. Bourne – Pilot Officer – Pilot – Spitfire X – POW

Son of Bertram H. Bourne (from Trinidad?) – educated QRC – volunteered ETS – trained at Piarco 2nd in class – flying a PRU Spitfire from Benson – first operational flight – reported missing July 1942 – POW – Joined regular RAF post-war, killed 26 July 1953, Squadron Leader, flying Gloster Meteor

[Source: CMHA]
ATS, Piarco, Trinidad. 2nd Course – Standing: F.W. Farfan, K. Rostant, T.H. Meyer – Sitting: I. Bourne, R. Williams (instructor), Lieut. J.F. Carroll (chief instructor), W. Brown (ground engineer), J.D. Lenagan/Lennigan? (senior cadet) [Source: CMHA]

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  1. Ian Bourne adds:

    He is my uncle, I was named after him. Bertram, Uncle Ian’s dad and my Grandfather (I called him “Mister”) is Bajan and so is Uncle Ian, but he spent his early years in TT. He died off coast of Denmark with student who panicked.

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