Da COSTA – Huntley

1259994 – Flight Lieutenant

Correction: DA COSTA – Huntley, Service no. on enlistment: 1259994.  After commission from Flt Sgt to Pilot Officer (on 29 November 1943) service no. became 182287

[Source: CG/AD]

Joined RAF in 1939
First tour was in Europe
Fought in the Battle of Britain
His squadron was deployed to the sinking of the Bismark. However arrived to see it sinking
He was a rear gunner on bomber.
Second tour was the Middle East.
Bombed Rommel
Third Tour
Far East
Stationed in India
Bombed Burma Rangoon etc
He was involved in three plane crashes
Shot down 3 planes

[Source: Christopher Da Costa]

Huntley da Costa pictured on V-day (with mascot)
[Photograph possibly published in newspaper in 1945;
courtesy Christopher Da Costa]

Mention in Despatches: 14 January 1944  [Courtesy Christopher Da Costa]

Huntley’s Medals [Photo courtesy Christopher Da Costa]

Wedding, June 10th 1945 [Photo courtesy Christopher Da Costa]

4 additions to “Da COSTA – Huntley”

  1. Chris Gawne adds:

    My late father, F/L W J ‘Jack’ Gawne flew in Bomber Command with Huntley Da Costa in WW2. Dad took him home to the Isle of Man on leave at least once during the war and I also believe they were in an aircraft crash together.
    Any info gratefully received.

  2. Billy Machado adds:

    I remember Huntley in Kingston long ago, a reserved , good- looking gentleman, much senior to me so I did not know him well. But I’ll ask around, Chris ,and see if I can get some news for you.

  3. Christopher DaCosta adds:

    Hi Chris, was just browsing the web and found this, what a surprise. Huntley was my father. He passed away in 2003 at the age of 86. I have his medals, mention in despatches and a few pics.
    i will look out for your reply.

  4. Chris Gawne adds:

    Very pleased to hear that my inquiry was not in vain. I look forward very much to receiving any more information you have on my father’s time with yours.
    And thank you Billy for helping as well.
    Chris Gawne

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