KELSICK – Osmund Randolph

Flt. Lt. Osmund Randolph Kelsick DFC (1383396 & 149954)













1383396 – Osmund Randolph Kelsick – Montserrat – attested 30.12.40 – Pilot
149954 – F/O – commissioned 12.10.43 – Seriously Injured 12.5.43 (?)

Later Flight Lieutenant (26/06/1945)

Citation for DFC, London Gazette, 20 October, 1944:

Flying Officer Osmund Randolph KELSICK (149954) R.A.F.V.R.. 175 Sqn.
Flying Officer Kelsick has displayed great determination and keenness in the execution of his

assignments and has shown the powers of an outstanding leader. He has participated in many
attacks on strongly defended targets, during which much damage has been inflicted on the enemy.

[Courtesy AD]

O.R. Kelsick – Leeward & Windward Islands – attested 30.12.40 – Pilot
F/O – commissioned 12.10.43 – S.Inj. 12.5.43 (?)

[Source: NA AIR 2/6876 – Nominal Roll of Coloured Candidates, October 1944]

Flight Lieutenant – Fighter pilot – DFC

[Source: CG]

175 Sq – Hurricanes

[Source: Peter Howe]


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  1. Natasha Kelsick adds:

    Thank you for collecing this information. I am the niece of Osmond Kelsick and we had some discussions about his time in the RAF and the second world war.
    I would like to correct the spelling of Montserrat – with a “t”.

  2. peter howe adds:


    I am Peter Howe, the son of Norman Howe.

    This is serendipidty. I am going to be in Antigua in early May to cycle and hike as part of a holiday after travelling with 2 of my daughters on a cruise ending in San Juan. So after they have gone I am off to cycle in Antigua and Guadeloupe.

    The reason i am contacting you is that I have enquired of your tourism board if they knew of the Kelsick family.

    The reason for my enquiry is that during the Second World War my father was seconded from the RCAF to the RAF in 1940 and joined Squadron 175 (Hawkers and Typhoons) with which squadron he was until late 1944 when he was shipped to Canada to Vancouver in anticipation of heading out to the Far East.

    One of his Squadron pals was your uncle-Ozzie Kelsick. When I was young your uncle and his wife visited here in Niagara-on-the-lake several occasions.

    I mentioned to my dad I was heading down there and asked if he might put together some thoughts and pics, which he will do.

    By the by, the motto of the Squadron is “Stop at Nothing” and appropriately enough the logo was a Buffalo head. If you are ever in London, whihc I have had the good fortune to practice commercial transactions there as a solicitor off and of for 20 years, visit the church of St Clemens Dane and you will find our logo on the floor with that of all the other squadrons of the RAF-fighter and bomber.

    please get in touch and perhaps we can meet up whilst I am there.

    My emai is

  3. peter howe adds:


    I have gone over my dad’s flying officer log and have a number of pages which I can fax to your family that deal with your uncle flying with my dad and also an entry in my dad’s log that recalls your uncle bailing out when his engine failed.

    Get me a fax and I can send on to you

  4. Helen Verity adds:

    Hi Peter,
    This is very cool. I am also a niece of Osmund Kelsick and would love to have copies of the log pages as well. My uncle shared some of his stories with us. He was planning on writing his memoires but unfortunately he did not have the chance to do so.

  5. Simone Sanguinette - Hadeed adds:

    Dear Peter,
    Iam one of the grand daughters of Osmund Kelsick that still live in Antigua, and came across your name and correspondence with my cousins on the “Caribbean Air Crew in the RAF” website.
    Did you ever come to Antigua?
    Osmunds son’s (my uncle) name is Peter as well and also lives here in Antigua.
    We would love to hear from you if you get a chance.

  6. peter howe adds:

    Dear Helen

    Just received an email from Simone. If you provide me a fax I will fax on or I may copy the pages and scan and then send so an email would help also and perhaps be better than a fax


  7. Paul Tilley adds:

    Hi Peter, I have trying to find the niece of Osmund Kelsick, Helen Verity, who lived in Montserrat until the Volcano eruption in the Soufrière Hills for the past 20 years. I lost contact with her once she and her mother was evacuated. Please could you kindly pass my details onto Helen as we were Pen friends in the late 1980/80’s. My email address is

  8. Paul Tilley adds:

    I’m meant last 70’s/80’s

  9. Steve Brew adds:

    Dear all, is Osmund’s family still on this board?

    I am the Historian for 41 Sqn RAF (see also and am interested in him as he also served with 41 Sqn in late 1945-early 1946. Are you able to provide me the exact dates please? I would also be interested to know his date of birth and other postings. Would you kindly contact me via this forum or on please?


  10. Billy Machado adds:

    Here’s more ! See page 219 Typhoon Attack The Legendary British Fighter in WW2. By Norman Franks. 2003.
    Quote: We also had a chap In 175 Squqdron named Kelsick, who was a very impressive looking man, jet black, came from Montserrat , where his father was a King or something. He was a hard chap, very fine leader of men and a good flight commander and brilliant pilot. He got a DFC later.
    By Flight Lieutenant H. Ambrose,
    I find this stuff while reading for the times of my uncle KD Sonny Bodden, Typhoon pilot. I’m working on a post to put up here on him shortly.
    One love,
    Billy Machado

  11. AlainLeroy adds:

    Sorry for my english.
    I worked from 4 years about Robin Murray 175 sq pilot KIA in 09-11-43 arount my city. I try to find the code letter of his typhoon HH-? I am sure Kelsick flew with the same plane JP536 on 03 sept 03 and 07 sept.where is the Kelsick log book ? i’m so interested by copy of these pages.
    Alain Leroy

  12. Alain Leroy adds:

    An error in my e-mail:
    good adress :

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