PHILLIPS – Cecil Harold

1800612 – C.H. Philips – Jamaica – attested 29.12.41 – Ach/Pilot
161493 – P/O – commissioned 24.7.43 – POW 4.12.43

[Source: NA AIR 2/6876 – Nominal Roll of Coloured Candidates, October 1944]

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  1. Jerome Lee adds: list him as POW# 43155 at Camp 357

  2. Charlotte Craze adds:

    CH Phillips was part of the same crew as my Grandad, William RJ Craze, when their Lancaster bomber (JA685) got shot down on 4th Dec 1943 on a mission to Leipzig. C H Phillips was sent to Camp 357 while my Grandfather and the other surviving crew member, B Cooper, were sent to Stalag 4b.

    I’d like to get in touch with the families of these crew members as I’m researching the time my Grandfather served in WW2. He was part of 7 squadron based in Oakington.

  3. Mike Moody adds:

    Hi Charlotte,my father was a rear gunner in the Lancaster pathfinders based in Oakington.He too was shot down & taken to stalag4b (I have his pow tag). I know that he escaped towards the end of the war and although he was recommended for several medals by group captain Hilton he wouldn’t accept them.He was the last to bail out & tried to put out the flames & check on the others who had already bailed out.He rescued his Brother who came in the army detail heading for Berlin clean up & they both survived the war.His name was Charles Henry Moody.

  4. Hamlin Jordan adds:

    Hello, my father (Hamlin Lindley Jordan Edward) belonged to the RAF in WW2 and traveled in the first group of Jamaicans who travelled to England. Does anyone have any information of it? thanks

  5. admin adds:

    713014 Hamlin Lindley Jordan: groundcrew [AD]

  6. leslie simpson adds:

    do you have any records of Jamaican Leslie Simson serving in the RAF during WWII?

  7. admin adds:

    723180 Leslie Albert Simpson: groundcrew [AD]

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