ABBOTT – Randolph T.

1382581 – Randolph T.  ABBOTT – St. Vincent
F/S – 429 Sq RAF Halifax LK995  AL-C

From St Vincent, but parents & 2 sisters live in Trinidad(Mr & Mrs C Abbott of Eastern Main Road, Barataria, Trinidad). He worked in Aruba but left on his own to England to join the RAF. Enlisted at Euston on or after Aug 1940.
429 Sqn Halifax LK995  AL-C , RAF Leeming Airborne 2327hrs 25 Nov 43 from Leeming. Shot down by a night-fighter from 17,500 feet S of Namur, Belgium. A fire broke out in the bomb bay and the order to abandon was given. It is believed that F/S Davis had been killed in the original attack. He is buried in Hotton War Cemetery, possibly being brought here from Florennes.
WO2 Smith’s DFM was Gazetted 27Jul43. WO2 D.McM.Smith DFM RCAF PoW Sgt J.A.Renton PoW F/O J.J.Thurmeier RCAF Evd WO2 D.R.Nelson RCAF PoW F/S R.T.Abbott PoW F/O M.Rabinovich RCAF PoW F/S R.H.Davis RCAF KIA F/S Abbott was interned in Camps L6/L4, PoW No.2981 with WO2 D.R.Nelson, PoW No.2977 and WO2 D.M.Smith, PoW No.2982. DFM Gazetted 27Jul43. F/O M.Rabinovitch initially evaded untilcaptured in Brussels 10Feb44. Spent time in St.Gilles Prison before internment in Camp L3, PoW No.3614. Sgt J.A.Renton in Camps L6/357, PoW No.43185.

[Courtesy Jerome Lee, CMHA]



[Source: Caribbean Roll of Honour]


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  1. s. abbbott adds:

    my father randolph t. abbott was released from stalag in 1944-45 and was brought back to england on the queen mary. he was very weak and ill and could eat nothing but very soft eggs and milk. he met my mom in chorley married in 48 and worked their cafe in chorley ancashire as well as my dad worked for leyland motors. he received the caterpillar pin and club card from london raf as tribute to his survival as he was the only survivor landing in a tree in belgium form their bomber.he fathered his 2 natural children 1 in chorley england and then they took the q.e.2 to new york and moved to monteal where i was born. stayed about a year and moved to hollywood father had masters 4 college educations a brilliant man. he passed that on to his children and in 1970-71 we moved back to england for i susan to go to college. in 1981 we had moved back to california and he was an avid bicyclist worked out everyday and 2 weeks before his birthday he would have turned 65 was hit by a motorist a hit and run accident never finding the culprit and died 5 hours later of cranial and brain damage so severe he would have been a vegetable. this happened 30 yrs ago and i have never been so proud of my father for having survived many near death situtions in his life. i have so much of his war info and his gunner books many memorabilia his dog tags from stalag his embarkation slip for his cabin for the return home to england on the queen mary and much much more.

    if there is more info you can provide during this terrible era i would love the info. thank you.

  2. s. abbbott adds:

    my father randolph t. abbott was also hidden by a family in their basement in brussels belgium until word got out and he was captured and sent to stalag luft. his caterpillar card said he was a flight sgt.i have many very old letters addressed to him from family to F/Sgt. british prisoner of war. 2981/6, Stalag Luft III (Stalag LuftVI – Lager “K” Germany. dated 16th of august 1944. a letter from the royal airforce states he served from 12th of march 1940 to 4th of may 1946. i have a newspaper clipping honoring an american airman who was honored in my hometown in california who served and held captive in the same prison as my father he was liberated bygen. george s. patton’s troops. amazing what i find something different everytime i open his war memorabilia. he was in A-87 cabin on the return ship the queen mary.

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