ROBISON – Owen Hugh Hildebrand

F/O – Fighter pilot – 65 squadron – June 1941-July 1946 (Spitfires, Mustangs) – 1 Me-109 destroyed

Also served at no1 Bomer Command looking after West-Indies members of 17 bomber stations after he left 65 sq.

Born Dec 3/1920, Constant rd Kingston, Jamaica – attended Jamaica and Munro colleges. Now I live in Puerto Rico

[Source: Hugh Robison, 2011]

(Known as Hugh)    
Service no. on enlistment (at Euston, England) 1394806.  Service no. on Commission 198310. 
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(known as Hugh)     Service no. on enlistment (at Euston, England) 1394806.  Service no. on Commission 198310

[NB – I think the entry reads FLGHTER Pilot.  Change “L” to “I”.]

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  1. Sara adds:

    I’d love to make contact with Hugh Robison about 65 Squadron’s Jimmy Muir, Corran Ashworth, Jock Taylor, etc.

  2. Dale Mahfood adds:

    I am writing a novel that is set in Jamaica during WWII. One of the characters has a father who has left Jamaica to enlisted in the RAF. I would love to communicate with Mr. Robinson about how a Jamaican would have done that. If he can, please have him email me at Thanks.

  3. Michel Beckers adds:

    I,m doing research after a Mustang MkIII which lost on November 16th 1944. F/o. Hugh Robison was the pilot, he failed to return but later got back.
    Qeustion: where was he shot down ? became he first POW and escape ??

    If you can help


    Thanks in advance

  4. Mark E Salt adds:


    I am currently researching RAF Peterhead and live within cycling distance of it. I have a record for a WO O.H. Robison flying with 65 Sqn there in 1945 and was wondering if your are that same individual mentioned in the Operational Records Book as flying outrider / escort for the Banff and Dallachy strike wings.

    Kindest Regards

    Mark E Salt

  5. Billy Machado adds:

    I know that Hugh died in 2016. I’m very interested to make contact with his daughter Gloria or grandson Hugh as my uncle Sonny and Hugh Snr went to school and the RAF together.

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