HYDE – James Joseph

Flight Sergeant James Hyde of San Juan, Trinidad, a Spitfire pilot who arrived in Britain in 1942 to begin his training, here pictured in 1944 with his Squadron’s mascot, a dog called ‘Dingo’. He is wearing a life jacket, known universally as a Mae West, and is holding an oxygen mask and his flying gloves. Most air battles took place at altitudes in excess of 15,000 feet (c. 5000 metres) and oxygen and thermal protection were vital.

[Source: www.movinghere.org.uk – Imperial War Museum (IWM) Reference CH11978]

1391841 – J.J. Hyde – Trinidad – W/O – Pilot – attested 6.6.41 – M. 25.9.44

[Source: NA AIR 2/6876 – Nominal Roll of Coloured Candidates, October 1944]

1391841 – Warrant Officer – Pilot – 132 Sqn – Spitfire IXE, PL316 – KIA at 27 Volunteer Trinidad ETS, trained at Piarco. Took off at 1525hrs on 25 Sep 1944, tasked with providing aerial cover during the battle of Arnhem. Killed in dog fight over Nijmegen. Probably shot down by a/c of Jagdkorps II, probably I/JG26 or II JG26 which claimed 4 Spitfires each. See Top guns of the Luftwaffe, D Caldwell, pg 281. German a/c FW 190D-9 or Bf 109G-6. – Son of Joseph and Millicent Hyde, of San Juan, Trinidad.

[Source: CMHA]

Name: HYDE, JAMES JOSEPH Initials: J J Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Warrant Officer (Pilot) Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Unit Text: 132 Sqdn. Age: 27 Date of Death: 25/09/1944 Service No: 1391841 Additional information: Son of Joseph and Millicent Hyde, of San Juan, Trinidad. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: 17. A. 7. Cemetery: JONKERBOS WAR CEMETERY

[Source: www.WW2chat.com]   Sgt Hyde 25 Course 58 OTU Grangemouth, Scotland August 1942

25 Course 58 OTU Grangemouth, Scotland, August 1942
Front row: Sgt. Mclaren, F/O Sanders, F/L Zweigbergh, S/Ldr Robinson, F/O Siekierski, P/O Czernecki;
2nd row: Sgt. Tamowicz, Sgt. Syperek, Sgt. Pomietlarz, Sgt. Sliwinski, Sgt. Blazejczyk, F/Sgt. Banys;
3rd row: Sgt. Dunajewski, F/Sgt. Chute, Sgt. Hyde, Sgt. Bielicki, Sgt. Ballantyne, Sgt. Bedowski.

[Photo courtesy Kelvin Youngs, aircrewremembered.com]

From Operations Records Book, 164 (Argentine-British) Squadron at Peterhead

3.11.42 Another good day, with light West wind and about 30 miles visibility. the squadron practiced formation-flying, dog-fighting etc. P/O Young with Sgts. Hyde, Hynes & Hingston searched for a crashed Master aircraft from Fraserburgh without success.

12.11.42 Spit. V.B. W3426 Sgt. Hyde J.J. – Convoy Patrol 11:30-13:15 – Routine, without incident
15.11.42 Spit. V.B. AB133   Sgt. Hyde J.J. – Scramble 11:15-11:30 – No interception made
24.11.42 Spit. V.B. EP244  Sgt. Hyde J.J. – Convoy Patrol 15:50-17:10 – Patrol completed, without incident
29.11.42 Spit V.B. AB133   Sgt. Hyde J.J. – Convoy Patrol 9:15-10:50 – Convoy patrol, Patrol carried out without interruption
1.12.42 Spit. V.B. EP249   Sgt. Hyde J.J. – Convoy Patrol 12:30-13:25 – Routine Patrol
8.12.42 Spit. V.B. EP249  Sgt. Hyde J.J. – Convoy Patrol 8:40-1030 – Carried out without incident

View the complete ORB of 164 Squadron at Peterhead: ORB 164Sq Peterhead-Nov 1942-Feb 1943

[Courtesy: Mark E .Salt, Buchan Aero Club/RAF Peterhead Historian]

14, 132 Sqdn,RAF Detling, JJ Caulton front row, 5th from rightPilots of No. 132 City of Bombay Squadron (Detling, 1943-1944), featuring three Caribbean Spitfire-pilots:

F/Sgt James Joseph Hyde (from Trinidad) – front row, third from left.

F/Sgt Arthur O. Weeks (or Weekes, from Barbados) – back row, fourth from left.

F/Sgt Collins Alwyin Joseph (from Trinidad) – back row, sixth from right.

Other identified pilots are:

F/Lt Harold Edward ‘Harry’ Walmsley (British) – front row, eight from left.

F/O John Jeremy Caulton (from New Zealand) – front row, fifth from right.

Henry Lacey Smith (Australian) – front row, fourth from right.

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[picture: copyright John Caulton, grandson of F/O J.J. Caulton]

Combat Film No 73. Flying Officer Weekes of 132 Squadron on 21/12/1943 at 1200, flying Supermarine Spitfire IX. Target: Focke-Wulf Fw 190. Fragment No. 73 is at 8:00 minutes into the film, which features a number of fragments of 132 Squadron.

[Copyright Imperial War Museum; courtesy John Caulton]

[Photo courtesy Kelvin Youngs]

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  1. Shaun O'Reilly adds:

    This is my Great Uncle and we are very proud of his sacrifice. May God rest his soul.

  2. Bob Klaren adds:

    I live in Nijmegen and I visited the grave of JJ Hyde today. Specifically his as he got mentioned in Mark Johnsons book on Caribbean aircrew.
    Reading the information on this site I would like to mention that is Nijmegen, not Nijmegan.

  3. Martin Charlesworth adds:

    A brave man …rest in peace.

  4. tony morris adds:

    A true HERO…..rest in peace

  5. Mark Hillier adds:

    Boultbee flight academy are currently restoring to fly Spitfire MJ271 which was flown twice flown by Hyde from RAF Ford when he was serving with 132 Squadron. Currently we are researching his time and sorties on the squadron.A brave man.

  6. Mark Newill adds:

    My grandpa is second left Fank Williams ( PO or FO), we no nothing about his time during the war, we have just found a couple of old photos and managed to see MH737 on a spitfire which is how we found squadron 132. If you email me I would be happy to send you a copy of the photo. I would also love to know more about my grandpa and the squadron.

  7. Marina Hyde adds:

    My uncle had 6 siblings, one of who is still alive. One of the many braves west Indians who left home never to return or see their families again.

  8. Rishi A adds:

    Hi – I am a re-enactor here in the UK, and I am representing James J Hyde. I will be heading to Arnhem for remembrance next week. Hope to visit JONKERBOS WAR CEMETERY to pay my respects in memory of James. Any family wishing to contact me please do so on 07841 293 087. My heritage is Trinidadian and so proud to represent him.

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