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(48) Dorothy
Tue, 3 May 2022
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Sat, 9 April 2022
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(44) Bernice Hillier
Wed, 18 November 2020

Hello from snowy Newfoundland, Canada! I am looking for some help for a friend of mine here in Canada. She is trying to find a living relative of Medric Mitchell (details below) of St. James, Trinidad. Medric served in Royal Air Force in WWII with my friend’s great uncle. Any thoughts on how to connect with Medric’s living relatives? My friend's family has a letter written by Medric & would really like to make contact.

605752 – M.J. Mitchell – Trinidad – attested 1.12.43 – U/t Flight Engineer UK 3.5.44

(43) John Jones
Sun, 12 April 2020

207 Squadron Lancaster III ND564 KM-H
la Chapelle Railway Yards
Took off from RAF Spilsby at 22:12.
Claim by Hptm Martin Drewes Stab III/NJG1 estimated 30km SSW of Paris: 2,300 at 00:40.
Also claimed by Flak of gem Flak Abt 496 (“Lancaster Antony 00:35”) Flak claim marked “VNE”. Victory for Hptm Drewes confirmed on 6 July 1944. Nachtjagd Combat Archives 1944 Part 2 - Theo Boiten)
Crashed Heller Park North End near 12 Rue Prosper Legoute 12km South West of Paris.
Plt Off Dearman was awarded the DFC whilst with 207 Squadron. Gazetted 6 June 1944.
Extract from Sgt Moss’s Escape Report:
I landed in an area of the St-Mande district of Paris (NW Europe 1:250,000 Sheet 7 S 14) near a German anti-aircraft battery. I could hear the soldiers calling, and several shots were fired at that time, but I do not know if it was because of my presence or if they were signalling to each other.
I couldn’t hide my parachute, because of the rustle it made on the grass, so I left it where it was and headed South West immediately. I was wearing a civilian leather jacket under my tunic, so I took off my tunic, carrying it under my arm and pulling my pants over my flight boots.
I arrived in Champlain around 8 pm 21 April 1944 and I decided to leave the village. I was seen, however, by two men, and I thought my widest policy was to declare myself, which I did in bad French. They told me to hide in a haystack, promising to come back in two hours.
I did not like the look of these men, so I left my hiding place as soon as they left and I crossed to the field towards Longjumeau. On the way, I met a man, and, as there was no one else at the time, I declared myself to him. He immediately took me to his home in Longjumeau, gave me a meal and a bed. From there my trip was organised for me.
(French Crashes 39-45)

Pilot: Aus/409663 Plt Off Thomas James Burgess RAAF - Clinchy Northern Cemetery Plot 16 Row 14 Grave 15.
Flight Engineer:1211031 Sgt John Edward Noble Smith - Clinchy Northern Cemetery Plot 16 Row 14 Grave 14.
Navigator:J/85529 Plt Off Donald Everton Fonseca RCAF - Clinchy Northern Cemetery Plot 16 Row 8 Grave 5.
Bomb Aimer: 1339161 Flt Sgt Harry Williams Moss - Evaded (See above)
Wireless Operator/Air Gunner:1037933 Sgt Robert Calderwood Robinson - Clinchy Northern Cemetery Plot 16 Row 15 Collective Grave 8-10.
Air Gunner:161700 Plt Off Derrick Roy Dearman DFC - Clinchy Northern Cemetery Plot 16 Row 15 Collective Grave 8-10.
Air Gunner:1852461 Sgt Michael O’Connor - Clinchy Northern Cemetery Plot 16 Row 14 Grave 16.
I have photos if you want them.

(42) Michael Ross
Mon, 25 November 2019

Hi, this is going to be complicated. As a result of a relationship my mother had a son born in June 1946. She had been serving in the WRAF at RAF Castle Archdale at the time he would have been conceived Sept 1945. She passed when I was 14 so the details I have are pretty sketchy, she gave me the impression the father was an African/American pilot, on which I cannot find anything about African American pilots flying from that Base or any other in County Fermanagh Northern Ireland at that time. He died from his injuries sometime between the conception and the actual birth. It's a shot in the dark I wonder if he could have been a Caribbean pilot flying with the RAF, but I don't know if any Caribbean pilots where stationed in Northern Ireland. The reason for this enquiry is for my half brothers daughter who I've just recently met, I've told her about her grandmother but I know just the basics about her natural grandfather, not even his name. If anyone could point me in the right direction how I could help her I'd be forever grateful .

(41) Jacquie Stewart
Tue, 24 May 2016


I am looking for any information on Private Leonard Alexander BARNES born 20 Apr 1924 in St. Ann, Jamaica. As per his marriage record (1944) he was a a member of RAF7 and married in St. Andrew, Jamaica, Gibraltar Camp.

His spouse was Olga Kelly born c. 1916.

Any assistance is appreciated.

(40) Lisa Carroll
Mon, 17 August 2015


Iam looking for my Grandfather Nathaniel Williams. He was posted in Wales during the second world war as a pilot. He was born around 1924-1926. And came from Trinidad. He married my grandmother Isilda Young in 1947 and they had a Son Ronald Nathaniel Williams. They went back to Trinidad some time after the war where they lived for 5 years until my grandmother came back to Britain. Can anyone help?

Possibly: Lionel Nathaniel Williams, mentioned on the Roll of Honour of the men who trained at RAF Hunmanby Moor, Filey. No confirmation that he served as a pilot.

(39) Andrew Rajan
Tue, 28 July 2015
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I have recently completed a fictional novel called 'Cathedrals In The Sky', commemmorating the Caribbean contribution to the RAF during WWII, as a writer of Trinidadian descent myself, dedicated to 'The Very Few'. I was wondering how I might get in touch with you concerning promoting it on this site as I can find no contact mechanism.


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