YOUNG – Arthur Wilmot

1337510 – Sergeant – RAF 1941-1944

I discovered the story of Arthur Young while visiting RAF airfields in Yorkshire recently.  The details are sparse at this point and any contributions from readers would be very welcome.
Born in Cardiff in 1923, Arthur was quite possibly descended from the black population that settled around many of the ports of the UK during the time of the slave trade.  He might also have been a child of immigrants from the colonies, but that seems less likely as immigration at that time was far more limited than it became after the war.
He joined the RAF in 1941, aged just 18, and began signals training in Morse Code, with a posting in Blackpool.  His wireless training began in July 1942.  In March 1944 he married Florence May Silver, also of Cardiff, about whom I have no information at present.
Shortly after 10am on Sunday 30 July, 1944, Arthur Young’s Lancaster bomber crashed into Littleton Road Playing Fields in Salford.  Arthur was killed along with the rest of his seven man crew.  He was twenty one.
[Source: Mark Johnson]

Arthur Young, radio operator/air gunner, born Cardiff of Afro-Caribbean parentage. “In July 1944 he was on a raid over Normandy but because of bad visibility the mission was aborted.  His Lancaster, PB 304, returned fully laded with bombs and fuel.  PB 304 did not reach base: somewhere over Manchester it developed engine trouble and crashed into the river Irwell at Salford.  The full bomb load exploded and all the crew perished”
[Info from Butetown History and Arts Centre, courtesy Mrs. A. Dewjee]

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On Sunday, 30 July 1944, Lancaster PB304 cra shed on the banks of the River Irwell at Salford. This book traces the history of the 7 airmen who died & follows them t hrough training & operations they completed in the 2 weeks b efore their deaths. ‘

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